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Whatever your reason for remembering Foxcroft in your estate plans, planned gifts provide you with an opportunity to design a Foxcroft legacy that is meaningful to you.

Whether it was your own walk -- or your daughter's walk -- through Miss Charlotte's Garden, marking the culmination of your Foxcroft experience, we hope as you look back that you reflect upon how Foxcroft prepared you for the world -- unique learning experiences, strong values, human connections, and lifelong friendships.

This is why many have chosen to remember Foxcroft in their estate plans. Doing so honors the past as much as it assures the future. We encourage you to consider making a planned gift to Foxcroft so that it will continue to do for generations of young women what it has done so well for more than a century. 

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  • Forever Foxcroft is for Those Who Have Included Foxcroft in Their Estate Plans

    "Forever Foxcroft enables me to carry out the promise I made nearly 40 years ago to provide future generations of young women an exceptional education experience designed just for them." 

    - Sally Bartholomay '78

    Forever Foxcroft is the giving society established in 1999 by the Board of Trustees to recognize individuals who have included Foxcroft School in their estate plans, balancing their financial goals and charitable interests.
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For more information, please contact the
Office of Institutional Advancement:

(540) 687-4510


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  • A Gift that Costs Nothing in Your Lifetime

    Remembering Foxcroft in your will ensures that your support will be permanent and that your own needs will come first.
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- Dede Pickering '71

“I know now that I have a responsibility to all girls, and I can't imagine them not having the same opportunity I had ... it's why I have included Foxcroft in my will.”

Retirement Account Gift

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  • A Surprisingly Easy Way to Make a Big Impact

    Retirement Accounts -- 401(k) and 403(b) plans, IRAs, Keoghs, and others -- will be the major source of income for many people after retirement. Contributions to these plans are often tax free and usually grow tax free.

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- Pickett Randolph '56

“Having Foxcroft in my will is to say: Thank you, Miss Charlotte! Thank you, Foxcroft! (PS -- Go Foxes!)”

Insurance Gifts

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  • A Gift Now or Later

    Life insurance is a simple and practical way to give to Foxcroft, whether you give an existing policy or take out a new one with Foxcroft in mind.
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- Chip Gruver, Foxcroft parent and former Trustee

“We hope that through our planned giving, Foxcroft will continue to carry on its important mission, and other young women will be able to benefit as our daughters did.”

Charitable Remainder Trust & Charitable Lead Trust

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  • A Gift That Returns Income to You

    A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) provides flexible income for one or more beneficiaries for a time period of your choosing. In your hands, and those of your advisor, your CRT can provide for any and all of your family while also remembering Foxcroft.
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  • A Legacy Shared & Redoubled

    Charitable Lead Trusts lower your estate taxes rather than pay you income. Your lead trust benefits Foxcroft while increasing your family's inheritance by reducing estate taxes.
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Bill Weeks, Foxcroft parent, former Trustee, and a personal friend of Ms. Bedford

“Ruth was always a very independent person, a true woman ahead of her time, and her gift shows the kind of leadership and commitment to giving back that was so typical of her, and so in keeping with Foxcroft’s ethos.”

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A Transformative Legacy Gift

With alumna Ruth Bedford '32's bequest in 2014, Foxcroft received a transformative gift of $40 million — the largest gift ever bestowed on a girls’ school in the United States, and the largest gift granted to any secondary school nationwide that year. Her bequest expresses her enduring affection for Foxcroft School.

Read more about Ruth and her gift.

Ruth Bedford '32 in the News

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